There is no charge for minimal artwork modification or art review. We will take the time to go over your design and review your:
Color separation.
Fix common problems including design alignment, line thickness, spelling errors and etc.
Help you match your logo/artwork color(s) to a Pantone color(s) that will contrast well with your product color.
Before printing your shirts, we'll send you a picture proof of your design as a digital mock-up proof for approval. 
Please contact us with any question you have about art, design or pre-production.
Artwork Requirements
Artwork can be in any of the following formats:
All raster artwork should be 300 dpi or higher.
All fonts in vector files must be converted to outlines.
Do not include extra spacing, artwork instructions, or anything you do not want to have printed.
Leave your background color transparent.
The artwork must be at the size you would like the print to be on the shirt. If your design is too big for the shirts you've chosen, or if we think your design should be sized up for a better print result, we'll contact you to confirm, and then take care of sizing the design for the best print possible.
If you don’t have a logo, our graphic design specialists are ready and willing to help you develop the perfect design to get your project from an initial concept to a final product.
$100 per design
Send us a detailed description of your idea and we'll create your logo from scratch. Standard turn-around time for graphic design created from scratch is three business days.
$50 per design
Send us a photo, sketch, or link to your design and we’ll review and/or redraw it to the vector format, as well as fix. If necessary we will fix common problems including alignment, contrast, line thickness, spelling errors etc.
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